Exasol Company overview

Exasol is passionate about helping companies to run their businesses smarter and drive profit by analyzing data and information at unprecedented speeds. The company develops the world's fastest database for enterprise analytics and data warehousing and offers first-class know-how and expertise in data insight and analytics.

The in-memory analytic database is the first database to combine in-memory, columnar compression and massively parallel processing, and is proven to be the world's FASTEST, topping the list in the TPC-H "ad hoc decision support" benchmark tests for performance.

Use cases

Exasol is used by worlds leading companies for many reasons. We use Exasol particularly because of its capability of storing massive data volumes in a highly flexible and adjustable data model, without us having to worry about performance and database maintenance. Install, load & transform data, create views and it keeps working effortlessly. In business intelligence projects and agile enterprise application development with changing data requirements, Exasol has proven to be the number one database for enterprise data warehousing and analytics.

Enterprise scale analytics

  • Real-time BI
  • Analytics on Geospatial, IoT & Big data 
  • Advanced in-database analytics using R, Python, Java, LUA & optionally integrate your own programming language by choice
  • Easily connect existing BI, analytical & reporting tools 

Enterprise data warehousing

  • Works with small to huge data volumes
  • Agile, flexible & logical database design
  • Fast access to many data sources using virtual schemas & high-performance & data integration frameworks 
  • Easy integration & connectivity via ODBC, JDBC, .NET and JSON-based web socket API
  • Use as standalone or alongside your existing DWH to accelerate Hadoop Access, Oracle, Tableau, Microsoft SSAS & Power-BI, Microstrategy, ...

In-memory MPP database technology

  • Ultra fast, column based & robust parallel processing
  • Highly scalable, linear add nodes to extend storage & increase performance 
  • Intelligent self-tuning algorithms optimize performance and drastically reduce data(base) administration 
  • Flexible deployment: On-premise, EXACloud, AWS, Azure

Key advantages

Exasol is a mature and proven database solution and is used at many leading companies for various reasons. In general its performance, price, flexibility, scalability, fast implementation, ease of use and intelligent self-tuning data model & administration algorithms will always result in a lower need of resources and TCO then its competitors.

Ultra high performance

The independent industry TPC-H analytic database solutions benchmark proves that Exasol is the fastest analytic database. Exasol ranks number one, by a significant margin, over other solutions and leads in both raw performance and price on data volumes ranging from 100 GB to 100 TB.

Quick implementation, easy operation, flexible change management

Exasol can be easily integrated into every IT infrastructure and scales endlessly from one node to a full cluster. It is SQL-compliant, is compatible with leading ETL and BI products and has a very simple yet flexible and powerful import & (virtual) connectivity interfacing to files and other main databases. The logical data warehouse approach allows for an agile infrastructure with data models using third-normal form or star schemes. You can choose whichever logical data modelling methodology suits best and concentrate on the logical design and just map it to the physical data model. ETL/ELT, data modeling & calculations programming is simple and effective using an extensive scripting engine and options to create user defined parallel executed in-database analytics functions in programming languages LUA, Python, R, Java or even your own preferred programming language.

One of the main advantages of Exasol, is that its technology and power allows for a non-legacy ‘virtual data mart’ approach; meaning that specific data marts with use-case specific stored dimension & facts tables do not need to be modeled, stored and pre-aggregated and complex indexing & performance tuning is not needed for fast analytics. This allows for a flexible and simplified approach that allows any changes and additions to stored data and the desired model to be ad-hoc, easily adjusted, tested and accepted, without the need of the normal time-consuming iterative processing, waiting & correction process.

Self-optimizing and tuning-free database

Exasol is practically tuning-free and therefore the ideal solution for reducing total cost of ownership while enabling you to concentrate on your business and quickly solve analytical tasks instead of having to cope with technical limits and constraints. Intelligent algorithms monitor usage and perform self-tuning tasks, which optimize performance and minimize any data administration overhead. 

Try for free or request a Proof of Concept

Try the Community Edition

If you would like to get started with Exasol and try for yourself, you can download and install the free single-node edition for commercial and private/academic use. It can be used for up to 1 TB of raw data and includes all features and community support. 

Contact us for assistance on installation and to get started in the fastest and best possible way. We will advise in best practices and can assist on first time data extraction & loading of your own data, modeling the data tables & views and connect to your existing BI & analytics tools. 

Contact us or download yourself from the Exasol download page


Proof of Concept

If you are ready to get started and evaluate Exasol yourself, we offer a detailed proof-of-concept project so you can see firsthand how Exasol can meet your BI, reporting and analytic needs using your own company data. We will use proven POC qualification, preparation and evaluation guidelines to identify needs and setup the best POC for your comapany situation. POCs can be run using your own hardware, a mobile trial cluster or a remote system based in the cloud.

Contact us for more information or to arrange a first meeting.


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