Our background is SAP. Since 2000 we have worked on numerous SAP projects and have supported both midsize and mult-national companies. We believe that SAP has created the best ERP system in the world. However, we also believe that SAP has made some suboptimal choices for their web and app technology.

We are one of the few SAP consultancies that look beyond SAP's ecosystem for the best solution for our customers. We have proven convincingly that OutSystems beats Fiori on every count, but especially on easy of integration (even with SAP) and building pixel perfect mobile (offline) apps.

However, integrating SAP and OutSystems is not a feat that should be done by inexperienced developers, as SAP is quite a specific system with special needs.

Connecting SAP and OutSystems

When integrating OutSystems and SAP, securely and in line with SAP policies, you need to know what you are doing in both environments to make sure the following is done 100% correctly:

  • Authentication
  • Authorisation
  • Logging

With goal to

  • Register changes in SAP to the correct user
  • Avoid Indirect Access claims from SAP

OutSystems to SAP

When connecting OutSystems to SAP, our specialized Connector will ensure:

  • The proper authentication
  • Registration of all changes on the right named SAP user account
  • No SAP password or logon tickets will be stored in OutSystems
  • Integration with SAP authorisation concept, if needed
  • Logging for each single update, with OutSystems-SAP reconciliation possibilities

SAP to OutSystems

It is also possible to connect SAP directly to OutSystems. This gives you the maximum power over your integration: OutSystems can react real-time to changes in SAP.

This is a rather specialist topic that requires researching the right place within SAP to trigger the request to OutSystems.

This service cannot be delivered as an out-of-the-box solution, but can only be offered as a case-by-case consultancy. We have much experience in this area and are happy to help you out! 

We are also happy to provide training to your local staff, when you are one of our esteemed customers.