Spinque Search Design

NovioQ is a proud partner of Spinque. Spinque combines agile search development with lightning fast performance. When adding the search capabilities of Spinque to your OutSystems and SAP installation, you gain control over your search and your users will be blown away by the speed of the apps. 

Search Design

Finding the right information in the ever increasing amount of data in today’s work environments can be challenging. You want to find relevant information easily, flexibly and efficiently. It is Spinque’s mission to put you in charge of this process. They are convinced that search solutions, as any other software-application, are best created iteratively.
Spinque offers a product that enables agile search development. You, as an expert on your domain, concentrate on obtaining good answers: results of the appropriate type and form that are most relevant to your search questions. Spinque takes care of the technical side of the equation: data integration, data access and performance. Together you create the perfect search solution.

Knowledge graph

Spinque starts by building a knowledge graph on top of the data from your various sources. This knowledge graph integrates your data and is used as a gateway to the original sources. Making your data available as a knowledge graph has several other advantages besides integrating it. Storing data as knowledge graphs affords unlimited flexibility. Unlike conventional tables in databases, knowledge graphs do not have fixed schemas. Any unit of data can be related to any other unit of data in any way. This also makes it possible to link to data sources outside of your enterprise. There are many websites that provide access to their data this way. By including this data you are able to enrich your knowledge graph at low cost. Finally, a knowledge graph gives context to the data contained in it. This can be used for advanced search queries and to infer information. 

Spinque Desk

Once your data is available as a knowledge graph you can start searching it. To make the most of your domain knowledge and expertise Spinque gives domain experts an integral role in this process. They provide you with a graphical design environment called Spinque Desk that enables you to insert your knowledge into the search solution development process. Spinque Desk allows you to build custom solutions to your search problems by combining different building blocks. 

These blocks perform various operations on your knowledge graph: searching data, filtering data, ranking data, transforming data, matching data, etc. Spinque thus enables you to create solutions that are specific to your domain and to the tasks that you want to support. Spinque Desk’s integrated testing functionality offers you the possibility to continuously assess the results of your evolving project, thus enabling you to iteratively design the perfect solution to your search problem. 



When you’re satisfied with your solution, you can easily publish it as an API from Spinque Desk and put it into production. You don’t have to worry about performance or scalability, Spinque takes care of efficient execution. Their engine is powered by state-of-the-art column store database technology that is fast and reliable. Spinque Desk allows you to add as many search functions as you want. The best part is that if you’re not completely satisfied with your search results or if other needs arise: you can always do another iteration and further improve your solution or create another solution.

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