NovioQ secures first SAP And OutSystems Integration Competency Badge

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Why is this important?

Enterprises are continuing to grapple with the fastchanging environment around them, and struggle with how best to use technology to keep upThe promise of off-the-shelf SaaS applications and core ERP platforms such as SAP and Salesforce is strong, and for many parts of the business, they deliver what is neededBut while these applications deliver the baseline capabilities required to run core processes of a business, many need something more, something special, to enable their unique differentiators: 

  • a different way of pricing a product feature and managing the order fulfillment process 
  • a proprietary manufacturing and material management process 
  • a customized way to interact with vendors or customers in the field 
  • a differentiated client service experience 
  • a special process to support a country or regulatory domain 
  • a unique employee service and support app 

All of these examples require a dedicated application to be built and iterated on as the business environment and strategy adjust.  And in this environment, leading organizations look to fit-for-purpose technologies such as Low-Code to deliver these applications that complement and extend their core systems. 

We at NovioQ don’t just see this in the marketplace, we have lived it.  Our team spent decades working with platforms such as SAP to customize and tailor it to the business, only to get stuck in the eventual quagmire of custom ABAP code and time-consuming upgrades.  Then we discovered OutSystems, and for the last 10 years, we have been working with leading organizations to keep the core systems clean by using a fit-for-purpose Low Code platform to build, maintain and enhance custom business applications on top of SAP that make a difference. 

Recently, we have had the opportunity to partner with Syngenta and help them on their journey of innovation.  If you are not familiar with Syngenta, they are a science-based agtech company with 57,000 employees across 90 countries who help millions of farmers around the world to grow safe and nutritious food. 

To deliver on this mission, Syngenta invests and innovates across all aspects of the company, including their technology platforms. 

“SAP is one of several core processing technologies we run our business on, but to deliver on our mission, we have unique customer and employee needs that require custom software solutions.” Antony Royal, Head of Digital Supply Operations and Production & Supply IT, Syngenta “Working with NovioQ and OutSystems, we can leverage the speed and agility of Low Code to deliver the specific business applications we need, faster and with more capabilities while keeping our core systems clean and stable.”
Antony Royal
Head of Digital Supply Operations and Production & Supply IT - Syngenta

We are most proud of our team’s ability to deliver high-quality applications for great clients like Syngenta, and we are thrilled to be acknowledged by OutSystems as one of the first partners to achieve the SAP and OutSystems Integration Competency badge.  This badge is granted to the elite partners in the OutSystems ecosystem who have proven their ability to help organizations best leverage OutSystems and SAP to deliver great business outcomes. 

If you are struggling with how to quickly and efficiently deliver innovative solutions that enable your business to achieve your unique mission, give us a call, we’d love to have a chat and share our experiences. 

If you want to know more about how OutSystems can help you change the way you build your extensions, contact us for an introduction.

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