Optimizing connection choices to create tailor-made solutions for you

Within every company, a complex combination of systems collectively provides the backbone: an ERP core such as SAP, JDE or Oracle, SaaS Business Applications such as Arriba, ServiceNow, or SuccessFactors, and localizations for each country, region or activity. A vast challenge for any architect.

NovioQ can support you in combining these layers in the most effective way. This could be based on OutSystems, BAPIs, or APIs, for example. We help ensure there is always a feasible way to retain core data in your ERP, keep the SaaS applications you’re happy with in place, and use OutSystems to combine these items in a variety of areas. OutSystems is a proven solution that helps avoid expensive ERP vendors add-ons, license fees and external consultancy costs for maintenance and adjustments.

Realizing a fully secure, maintainable, scalable and flexible environment that brings together the best of your systems.

Do you operate a complex environment with an established core that features adjustments and add-ons? Do you have a strong desire to innovate and optimize? Do you need specific features, enhancements, or do you want to improve and simplify your insight? NovioQ is the go-to partner when it comes to integrating OutSystems with ERP systems such SAP. That’s why we are frequently asked to share our insights during gatherings, in webinars and articles, and through other platforms. Let us help you get the best out your entire enterprise software landscape quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively with a tailor-made solution. 

If you have any questions or would like to discuss project-specific challenges you may be experiencing, don’t hesitate to get in touch!