Time to design your own search engine

Finding the right information easily, flexibly and efficiently in today’s ever increasing amount of data can be challenging. That’s why NovioQ is proud to partner with Spinque – together, we can put you back in charge and optimise and integrate search just as we would any other software application.

With Spinque you can integrate data from a wide range of sources into a knowledge graph, create search solutions tailored to your needs, and deploy them as APIs.

Using OutSystems you can integrate these APIs into your apps for custom-built, lighting fast search results. Response times never exceed 100m milliseconds, regardless of the complexity of your search model. NovioQ and Spinque can help you move from isolated data to a made-to-measure search solution. Save time, money, and hassle while resting assured you have access to the exact up-to-date information you need – every single time.

 If you have any questions or would like to discuss project-specific challenges you may be experiencing, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Two complementing technology stacks

OutSystems and Spinque Desk both provide low-code solutions in their own field (application design and data access design) and therefore complement each other. But other than that they just fit well, they actually improve their performance when the technology stacks are operated in unison.

OutSystems allows developers to build applications with minimal code. This not only ensures that applications are developed quickly, but also makes porting, migrating and upgrading much less complex. Spinque Desk, in turn, enables developers to declaratively define data-access patterns and APIs flexibly without programming efforts. Outsystems applications can only be written with minimal code when the APIs they consume match the application logic perfectly and this is exactly what Spinque Desk provides: APIs that are tailored towards the application. Thus minimal (or no) custom code is needed to connect OutSystems and Spinque Desk and this in turn leads to applications that are better portable, migratable and upgradable.


Image and original text by Wouter Alink, link to article is here.