Looking beyond the SAP ecosystem to find the best solutions for our customers

NovioQ has worked on numerous SAP and S/4HANA projects, supporting mid-sized as well as multinational companies. We are convinced that SAP is the best choice for your core back-end functionality.

However, OutSystems is the best choice for developing custom functionality on top of that core. Why? OutSystems provides the world’s best development platform, speeding up development dramatically while providing tooling to create state-of-the-art (mobile) applications using the latest technologies.

We are one of a very small number of SAP consultants that look beyond the SAP ecosystem to find solutions that best fit our customers’ needs.

Successful implementations based on unique deep knowledge of OutSystems and SAP

Integrating SAP and OutSystems should not be attempted by inexperienced developers, because SAP has highly specific requirements. 

Customizing and extending software in SAP can be very costly and time-consuming. Each company, and therefore every SAP installation, is unique. However, using OutSystems enables you to keep SAP as close as possible to the standard, without sacrificing your unique company DNA. Building your customizations and workflows in OutSystems saves time, money and resources, and allows you to transform your IT landscape from a monolithic ERP system to a smaller core ERP, supported by off-the-shelf SaaS solutions and custom-built low-code apps.

OutSystems enables companies to connect their SAP systems in several ways: SAP RFC Connector, ODATA and the SAP Gateway, SOAP Services and REST. NovioQ can advise what is the best choice for your situation.

Are you curious how NovioQ can improve your SAP experience and make your IT landscape ready for the future? Request a demo – let the team convince you!

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