SAP and OutSystems

SAP and OutSystems

NovioQ’s background is SAP. Since 2000 we have worked on numerous SAP projects and have supported both midsize and mult-national companies. We believe that SAP has created the best ERP system in the world. However, we also believe that SAP has made some suboptimal choices for their web and app technology.

We are one of the few SAP consultancies that look beyond SAP’s ecosystem for the best solution for our customers. We have proven convincingly that OutSystems beats Fiori on every count, but especially on easy of integration (even with SAP) and building pixel perfect mobile (offline) apps.

However, integrating SAP and OutSystems is not a feat that should be done by inexperienced developers, as SAP is quite a specific system with special needs.

SAP to OutSystems

Every company is unique, every SAP system is unique. Every solution should be unique. With SAP, customizing your software is a costly and time intensive matter. OutSystems enables us to adjust your SAP on your workflows and not the other way around, while saving money, time and resources on the original way of working.

In the hands of our dedicated and experienced team, we will give your company a headstart on a fun way.  Contact us for a personal meeting with one of our experts.

OutSystems enables companies to connect their SAP systems with their low-code platform via the SAP Connector. This connector adds loads of value concerning for example Authentication, Authorization and Logging. 

With a working connection, one part of the  project can be checked off: now the real work starts. Technical matters like thinking out a future-proof architecture, being able to work real-time with SAP data, adapting the processes in both systems and coping with custom work in SAP. With the more than 20 years of experience with SAP, NovioQ will guide you trough all the details and potential roadblocks you will encounter. 

And how about the true success factor: the people. The people using and developing the applications are the ones that should matter. NovioQ is your partner aligning the business and the IT department within your company. NovioQ is your conversation partner either in the boardroom, in your developers department as in the field with your end users. 

Are you curious how NovioQ can support on your SAP experience and making your company futureproof? Contact us and we are happy to guide you!