Using Exasol with OutSystems enables companies to speed up their digital automation strategy and quickly implement low-code data driven business applications using Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Modelling and Machine Learning techniques.

Our component allows users to make huge amounts of (analytical) low level and unmodeled data also available to operational use cases and make it flexible and actionable by developing OutSystems applications using the Exasol data; standalone or integrated with all other corporate systems, data and processes.

The Exasol connector for OutSystems has been developed from the vison that both platforms perfectly fit our rapid-development, low-maintenance and high-performance ideology. 

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  • Connect the on-premise OutSystems platform to the Exasol database natively (like current SQLServer, Oracle, iDB2 and MySQL).
  • Add Exasol tables and views as external entities using Integration Studio.
  • All typical OutSystems Entity (CRUD) actions, Aggregates and Advanced SQL are natively available.
  • Use the embedded ExasolExecute extension for exceptional or custom queries and execute direct database commands (all DQL, DDL, DML, DCL available).
  • The OutSystems Component and Documentation are available for download in OutSystems Forge Azure DevOps
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Interested? Find all resources below and start using the OutSystems-Exasol Connector today

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